'Stupid Watergate II': Watch John Oliver explain how Trump & friends are trying to hobble the Mueller probe

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John Oliver has previously called the ongoing Trump Adminstration Russia mess "Stupid Watergate"—as he puts it, "a scandal potentially on the scale of Watergate, but where everyone involved is dumb and terrible and bad at everything." On Sunday night's "Last Week Tonight" on HBO, Oliver offered an update on Stupid Watergate, but it's actually more of a deconstruction of what the president's supporters—including various Fox News personalities—have been doing to try to hobble or shut down Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation. In the segment, Oliver runs down the media tactics being deployed, including "whataboutism" ("the practice of shifting the debate to someone else's wrongdoing—the master of this is Sean Hannity") and the construction of a counternarrative ("essentially try to delegitimize the investigation by framing it as a part of grand conspiracy to bring down Trump").

As always, Oliver uses some strong language, so you're watching this at work, you may want to use headphones—particularly when Oliver offers a foul-mouthed and outrageously funny riff on SockSlider, a "Hannity" advertiser. (Skip ahead to 6:27 for some of the set-up for that part of "Stupid Watergate II.")

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