Suri Lives! And 'Vanity Fair' Has the Proof

First Glimpse of Baby Is an Annie Leibovitz Portfolio

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NEW YORK ( -- So a thousand paparazzi shed a tear today, and the first photos of Baby Suri Cruise are revealed, and not one bidding war ensued. TomKat gave the exclusive first look to Vanity Fair free! That the first official portraits as a family were to be snapped by Annie Leibovitz, no doubt, helped sway the couple. That and when you're career is in turmoil, who else to turn to but Graydon Carter? After all, he's already lent a hand to Kate Moss and Martha Stewart, so why not Tom Cruise?
Maybe the wedding photos should go to 'In Style.'
Maybe the wedding photos should go to 'In Style.'

And it fits in with Vanity Fair's marching orders, we hear, which according to the rumor mill were that Graydon stop all his George Bush-bashing and get some more babes on the cover. And Suri's the hottest babe in Hollywood.

Cruise, after his public dumping by Sumner Redstone from Paramount several weeks ago, suddenly seems keen to burnish his image, with apologies to Brooke Shields for lambasting her pharmacological postpartum depression cure and the final revealing of the babe. Now all he has to do is make an honest woman out of Katie Holmes, and make sure those wedding pics are just as carefully placed as the baby album. We recommend In Style, they do a lovely wedding spread.
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