Syfy Cuts Jared Fogle From 'Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!'

Surprising No One, Network Throws Embattled Pitchman Overboard

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Embattled Subway endorser Jared Fogle is suddenly so radioactive that even the glorious trashfest "Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!" has to steer clear.

NBC Universal's Syfy, which will premiere the sharks-and-meteorology TV movie next Wednesday, said Thursday that a cameo Mr. Fogle shot earlier this year has been excised. The decision to edit him out of the film comes after the FBI raided his Indiana home as part of an ongoing child pornography investigation.

Mr. Fogle has not been arrested or charged with criminal wrongdoing, but Subway suspended its relationship with its long-time spokesman shortly after news of the raid broke.

The last time a Subway commercial featuring Mr. Fogle aired was on June 29, 9 days before the raid. The animated "Jared's Journey" spot, which premiered April 4 during Turner's coverage of the NCAA Final Four, was designed to play up Mr. Fogle's role as a husband and father.

Oddball cameos are part of the charm of the "Sharknado" franchise, which has been a proven ratings draw for Syfy and a huge driver of social media. Mr. Fogle appeared in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it scene in last summer's installment, "Sharknado 2: The Other One." Sitting on a bench in an obviously ersatz New York City subway station, the sandwich whisperer admonishes a donut-munching commuter about his unhealthy diet. "You should really be eating fresh too, you know," Mr. Fogle says.

While Mr. Fogle won't be seen in "Sharknado 3," many of the curiosities who will make cameos in the movie have had their own brushes with ill repute. Among those on the cast list include disgraced former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, ousted Cincinnati city councilman and tabloid talk show host Jerry Springer, Kim Kardashian sex tape co-star Ray J and drunken floor-hamburger gourmand David Hasselhoff.

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