A Touching Tale of a Father and Son Who Go Camping -- NOT Outside an Apple Store

Google Out-Apples Apple With Its Charming New Nexus 7 Spot

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On Sunday Google released the one-minute spot below, titled "Nexus 7: Camping," on its dedicated Nexus YouTube channel. The plot, according to the video description, is simply this: "A father and son explore the wild frontier with a little help from their Nexus 7." But if you're not paying close attention, you could easily mistake this spot for an Apple ad for the rumored (though probably not imminent) iPad Mini, given the peppy NPR-meets-Lunesta soundtrack, the subtle better-living-through-technology subtext and the overall gentle, folksy charm. By the way, if you start to get worked up while watching this spot wondering how father and son are getting such great Wi-Fi reception in the woods -- the Nexus 7 is Wi-Fi-only -- well, wait for the ending...


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