Time Inc. Elevates Two to Corporate Editor Roles

Scott Mowbray, Sheryl Hilliard Tucker Named Executive Editors

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NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- Time Inc. Editor in Chief John Huey today named two top editors to fill the void created by the approaching departure of Isolde Motley, the company's corporate editor for nearly six years.
Scott Mowbray
Scott Mowbray

Scott Mowbray, editorial director at Time Inc.'s Time4 Media unit, and Sheryl Hilliard Tucker, an editor at large who had been executive editor at Money, were named executive editors -- new positions created as part of what Mr. Huey called "a new kind of central editorial management team."

"The days when a handful of very senior editors could oversee a handful of magazines in a very hierarchical, top-down way are long gone," Mr. Huey said in a memo to staff this morning, "and we should address that reality in our management structure as we move forward."
Sheryl Tucker
Sheryl Tucker

Content diversity audit
Mr. Mowbray will continue to oversee Time4 Media; Ms. Tucker will continue to help out at Health, where she has been acting deputy editor, and focus on talent management and a new formal, ongoing audit of "content diversity" in Time Inc. magazines. A spokeswoman explained that the audit will examine and monitor whether the articles in company magazines reflect the country's cultural and racial diversity.

The new central edit leadership caps a series of reorganizations, successions and layoffs that have transformed Time Inc. over the past year. Under Chairman-CEO Ann S. Moore, the Time Warner division assigned its titles to three new divisions, ramped up its attention to growth areas like the Web and eliminated some 450 jobs -- including those of some longtime, top-level executives.

Mr. Huey ascended to the editorial throne at Time Inc., the country's largest magazine publisher, on Jan. 1. He included kind words for Ms. Motley, who leaves in June, in his memo today.

"During the last few months of transition, which have involved a very difficult focus on cost cutting, Isolde has been an invaluable partner to me," he said, "helping to develop and guide a process that insured we made the necessary cuts in a fair and equitable way, virtually devoid of politics."
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