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Television Bureau of Advertising's analysis: Traditionally, women in TV households have spent the most time viewing the tube, averaging more than 5 hours a day in recent years. Men are next, with more than 4.5 hours of daily viewing since 2005. Teens and children have been viewing at about the same levels, nearing the 3.5 hour mark. In 2009, men increased to 4:54. Women, still No. 1, increased to 5:31. Teens went down to 3:26, and children were up to 3:31.

Want to know what TV's share of domestic advertising is? And how ad spending on TV compares with the internet? We've got the charts to tell the story. And for more TV-advertising-related analysis, check out this week's "TV Issue" and keep up with daily news on Mediaworks.

U.S. TV viewing. Source: Television Bureau of Advertising's TV Basics with data from Nielsen Co. NTI Annual Averages, 1994-present data based on start of broadcast season September to September. Beginning in 2007, estimates include Live+7 PUT viewing plus DVR playback.
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