Time Inc. and YouTube Network StyleHaul Form Partnership to Serve Marketers

Seeking Opportunities to Make the Most of Combined Audiences

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EW convened a panel tied to a Walgreen's campaign it worked on with StyleHaul.
EW convened a panel tied to a Walgreen's campaign it worked on with StyleHaul. Credit: Time Inc.

Time Inc., the magazine publisher striving to build its business in other platforms, and StyleHaul, described in a 2014 profile as "the largest fashion network on YouTube you've never heard of," have signed a multiyear advertising partnership.

The two companies will go to market together when they believe advertisers could benefit from the combined reach of their audiences across a variety of platforms. They will particularly target marketers with a relationship to fashion and beauty.

Time Inc. and StyleHaul declined to disclose terms of the partnership.

In the fall of 2014, Berterlsmann's RTL Group purchased a controlling stake in StyleHaul for $107 million. It was Marcel Reichart, exec VP-digital development at Berteslmann, who suggested about a year ago that there was an opportunity for synergy between Time Inc. and StyleHaul, according to Steven Haft, senior VP-innovation at Time Inc.

But the two companies didn't want to announce the partnership until it had been market-tested. Mr. Haft said an early partnership with Walgreens has now proven out the concept.

"We went into the marketplace and it worked exactly as we thought it would," Mr. Haft said.

For Walgreens, Time Inc. publications and StyleHaul are creating and distributing content tied to the retailer's seven-month campaign "Whatever Makes You Feel Beautiful." Entertainment Weekly is hosting a "Beyond Beautiful" hub on its website, accompanied by print components. StyleHaul video creators are making YouTube content tied to the themes of the campaign.

Michael Sabbia, director of beauty marketing for Walgreens, described it as a "really seamless partnership," and said that it "really fit the metrics of what we were looking to do best."

"It was great to see them come together as a partnership that's different ... from what I've seen from my 15 years of doing marketing," he said.

StyleHaul CEO Stephanie Horbaczewski said "people are really responding" to the campaign, and that it will serve as a positive blueprint for future efforts.

"It made sense to really forge a deep and strong partnership where we really understood each other," she said.

Time Inc. and StyleHaul are working on together on several other pitches to advertisers, Ms. Horbaczewski said.

"We will collaborate when an RFP comes in," Mr. Haft said of the partnership. "We will get on the phone and collaborate on how to respond to it."

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