Time Wasters Rejoice: More Broadband Options

What's New Online: TNT's DramaVision, Ripe's OctaneTV

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NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- Looking for new ways to waste time on the web? You're in luck. TNT has launched DramaVision, a new broadband channel. Its first big feature is last year's Stephen Spielberg miniseries "Into the West," but other TNT original series will be uploaded as well.
TNT is putting all 552 minutes of 'Into the West' online.
TNT is putting all 552 minutes of 'Into the West' online.

Oh, and as a bonus we'll get a true test to whether long-form programming works on the web. According to IMDB.com, the six-part "Into the West" runs 552 minutes.

Avoiding wrath of cable operators
The programs that air on the broadband channel will be windowed in the same way that movies are, explained Steve Koonin, exec VP-chief operating officer for TNT and TBS, when asked how the network plans not to anger cable operators. Cable networks walk a fine line between putting their content out on the web via broadband channels and bypassing the cable operators, which pay hefty carriage fees for a cable network's content.

"A movie comes out in the theater, then it goes to DVD, then pay cable and then network TV," explained Mr. Koonin. For these programs on DramaVision, "the window to the cable operator is over -- meaning it's played on TNT."

Advertising, he said, will be pre-roll, post-roll and banner ads. And there will be a "tremendous amount of integrated programming between our networks and the broadband site." He added that an announcement about TBS's broadband plans would come in the next couple weeks.

Another new hot spot for whiling away online hours is the latest from Ripe TV: OctaneTV (octanetv.com), billing itself as the "first-ever on-demand network targeted to the youth car culture lifestyle and motor enthusiast."

'The Fast and the Furious' Crowd
Ripe creates programming for all emerging screens: VOD, broadband and mobile. The company's effusive CEO, Ryan Magnussen, calls its short-form nature "A.D.D. TV," and notes that Octane will satisfy both the "Fast and the Furious" crowd and racing enthusiasts. Launch advertisers are Dodge, Craftsman and Cingular.

Given the increased emphasis on accountability, we thought it novel Ripe included in its news release information on what parties would measure the service: Rentrak will offer metrics for VOD and Webside Story for broadband. Mobile measurement will be provided by the individual mobile carriers that carry Ripe programming.
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