Magazine Tablet Editions' Top Interactive Ads

How Marketers Got Readers to Get More Info, Open Sites and Download Apps

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This Avis ad got readers shaking their tablets to see what would happen.
This Avis ad got readers shaking their tablets to see what would happen.

As magazines tablet editions grow, so too are advertisers' attempts to interact with tablet readers. Now the first-ever Starch Digital data from GfK MRI Starch Advertising Research is revealing how ads get the most readers to open websites, pull up more information, check out galleries, watch videos, download apps and more.

Starch Digital used online surveys to measure consumer recall of more than 13,000 ads in magazine tablet editions during the second half of 2012. We found that nearly 9,500 of those ads offered interactive features -- and that half of the people surveyed who read or noted those ads went ahead and interacted in some way.

Automotive and auto-related ads produced the most winners overall. But large numbers of consumers also interacted with ads for gas and oil drilling investments, a book about Proust, a store catering solely to runners and walkers, and exercises to improve one's golf game.

What follows are the ads that scored highest for getting readers to access a website, access a social network, view a gallery, get more more information, turn or shake the tablet, expand the ad, view multiple ad pages and watch a video.

The slideshow cites the percentage of consumers who used an interactive feature out of those who actually noted the ad in question.

Michal Galin is exec VP at GfK MRI Starch Advertising Research.

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