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Tech and Design Ads Not Yet a Top Presence

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Which print ads best catch readers' attention in Spanish-language magazines in the United States? And how do these ads compare with those that are the most recalled by readers of magazines in English?

To find out, GfK MRI Starch Advertising Research conducted online surveys that measured ad recall by 688,991 adult respondents for 2,916 English-language magazine issues from May of 2013 through May of 2014. During the same time period, Starch en Español conducted the same kind of surveys with 19,036 adult readers of 103 Spanish-language magazine issues. Only one-page ads were analyzed.

At this stage in the continuing evolution of Spanish-language magazines in the United States, the ones with the largest ad revenue remain geared to women or entertainment. And that's reflected in the types of ads that rise to the top in terms of consumer recall: ads for personal care products, ranging from teeth whiteners to shampoo and weight-loss supplements to sexual enhancement aids.

"Beauty and family-oriented food brands continue to hold their position as Hispanic advertising staples," Rochelle Newman-Carrasco, chief Hispanic marketing strategist at the Walton Isaacson agency, told me. "Missing from the mix is print that connects culturally with a more affluent, technology and design driven Hispanic consumer, an opportunity segment that has yet to be fully embraced."

This is not to say there is not a fair amount of similarity in the product categories that rise to the top among both language genres, especially among personal care products. And an ad featuring Jennifer Aniston for Aveeno skin care placed in the top five best-recalled ads in both languages.

Following are the most-recalled ads in English-language titles -- and then those in Spanish-language publications, plus any significant actions taken as a result of having seen the ads.

English-language magazines

No. 1: Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion

Category: Skin Care Products

Redbook, February, 2014

Noted score: 82%

Since early 2013, actress Jennifer Aniston has been the skin care brand ambassador for Aveeno. Of the 82% of readers surveyed who Noted the ad, 37% also said they considered buying the product as a result of seeing the ad.

No. 2: Jaguar F-Type

Category: Cars & Light Trucks

Automobile, April, 2014

Noted score: 77%

Luxury brands are missing from the top Noted Spanish-language ads. In addition to helping to drive 16% of Noted readers to the Jaguar website, this ad in Automobile scored the highest percentage of top-Noted ads respondents (34%) who said they had a more favorable opinion about the brand as a result of having seen the ad.

No. 3 (Tie): Hydroxycut Reducing Aids

Category: Vitamins, Nutrition Supplements, Reducing Aids

Woman's World, March 24, 2014

Noted score: 76%

The weight-loss category is common territory for readers of English and Spanish. Of the 76% of respondents who Noted this ad in Woman's World, 19% sought more information about Hydroxycut, which boasts of being America's No. 1 weight loss supplement brand.

No. 3 (Tie): Puerto Vallarta Mexico Tourism Promotion

Category: Resorts & Travel Accommodations

The New Yorker, May 6, 2013

Noted score: 76%

It's axiomatic that readers of English-language magazines like to vacation in Spanish-speaking lands. Among the 76% of survey respondents who Noted this ad in The New Yorker, 22% sought more information about Puerto Vallarta and 11% visited the tourism website.

No. 4: Linzess

Category: Prescription Medications

Parade Magazine, May 11, 2014

Noted score: 62%

A visual of the proverbial "knot in the stomach" grabbed the attention of 62% of respondents who recalled viewing this ad for Linzess in Parade. In addition, 15% of Noted readers either visited the marketer's website, looked for more information about Linzess or clipped or saved the ad.

Spanish-language magazines

No. 1: Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Conditioner

Category: Shampoos, Conditioners & Rinses

People en Español, October, 2013

Noted score: 76%

The top Noted ad in Spanish-language magazines was this straight translation of an English-language ad featuring the same model. Among respondents who Noted the ad, 27% sought out more information about the product and 18% visited the brand's website.

No. 2 (Tie): Colgate Optic White Dual Action Whitening Toothpaste

Category: Dental Supplies

TV y Novelas, November, 2013

Noted score: 75%

Colgate teeth whiteners scored two top-Noted rankings in Spanish-language titles, and a tie for the No. 2 spot on this ranking. Of the 75% of Noted readers of this ad in TV y Novelas, one-third said they had a more favorable opinion about the brand as a result of having seen the ad.

No. 2 (Tie): Colgate Optic White

Category: Dental Supplies

People en Español, April, 2014

Noted score: 75%

Tied for second place with Spanish-language readers was this Colgate ad for Optic White in Spanish, which was Noted as frequently as the Colgate Optic White Dual Action ad. Its copy and creative imaging are identical to that of a Colgate Optic White ad that also appears in English in English-language magazines.

No. 3 (Tie): Aveeno Daily Moisturizer Lotion

Category: Skin Care Products

Siempre Mujer, October, 2013

Noted score: 72%

This ad in Siempre Mujer is a direct translation of the Jennifer Aniston ad that ranked No. 1 for Noted scores in English-language titles. It also scored the highest percentage (23%) of Noted readers who visited the Aveeno website after seeing the ad.

No. 3 (Tie): Pond's Luminous Finish BB+

Category: Skin Care Products

Cosmopolitan en Español, December 2013

Noted score: 72%

The first of two Cosmopolitan en Español ads to make our list, this ad for Pond's Luminous Finish BB+ skin care product promises "Perfect skin in seconds." One-third of Noted readers said they had a more favorable opinion about the brand as a result of seeing this ad in the December issue of the magazine than before they saw it.

No. 4 (Tie): Potensex Male Enhancement Supplement

Category: Drug & Toiletry (Direct Response)

Cosmpolitan en Español, October 2013

Noted score: 66%

This direct-response ad in Cosmpolitan en Español offers an alternative to a "little blue pill" to enhance sexual performance: a cream with the brand name Potensex. Text-heavy with an 800 number and offer of free shipping, the ad drove 17% Noted readers to the company's website.

No. 4 (Tie): Frutas Exoticas Weight Loss Supplement

Category: Drug & Toiletry (Direct Response)

TV y Novelas, November 2013

Noted score: 66%

Not the typical weight-loss regimen, "fruit therapy" was promoted via this ad for Frutas Exoticas in TV y Novelas. Another direct-response effort, it used an 800 number for free consultation and to obtain the first week of product free.

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