Watch: Trevor Noah Explains Why Republicans Are Brilliant at Branding (and Dems Aren't)

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In a special year-end edition of "The Daily Show" titled "The Yearly Show" that aired Monday night on Comedy Central, Trevor Noah donned a tuxedo, came out from behind his anchor desk and delivered a stand-up monologue, excerpted here.

In it, Noah, a native of South Africa, says that "probably the most fun thing about American politics for me is that half of it is branding—that's all it is. The Republicans can't fix Obamacare because they named it Obamacare. Because if they fix it, then Obamacare works, and they can't have Obamacare work. But it's not really Obamacare—it's the Affordable Care Act. But they named it Obamacare because they knew when they said it, their voters would hear "black medicine," and they wouldn't want that. What they didn't realize is that black medicine can fix white cancer, and so now they're in a sticky situation. ... Say what you want about Republicans, they are brilliant at political branding. Democrats: nice people, have no clue how to brand. None whatsoever."

Watch the full video for Noah's take on the branding of the liberal "Resist!" movement.

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