Watch: Trevor Noah wonders how AT&T and Novartis got tricked by Michael Cohen's 'Nigerian prince scam'

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Now that Michael Cohen's pay-to-play scheme has been revealed, the companies that took Trump's personal lawyer up on his offer of access to the president of the United States in exchange for large (huge!) payments are racing to do damage control. See "AT&T's top Washington official is out over the hiring of Trump's lawyer" (Bloomberg News via Ad Age) and "Novartis CEO: 'We made a mistake' with Cohen payments" (Politico) for starters. There are a lot of unanswered questions as the scandal continues to unfold, but in this segment from Thursday night's "Daily Show," Trevor Noah takes on the most basic question: How did various corporations get sucked into playing ball with Cohen in the first place? As Noah puts it,

I'm actually shocked that these major corporations got tricked by the classic Nigerian prince scam. Because if Michael Cohen had pitched them in an African accent, they would have seen this coming from a mile away.

Noah then does his best Nigerian prince accent (starting at 4:15 in the clip embedded above) and makes the pitch:

Hello my dear friends! My name is Michael Cohen. I write to you with a blessed opportunity. My friend Donald Trump is soon to be president! And if you permit me my desire to send me $1.2 million, I promise to make you very, very rich.

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