'He's All Over Me Kissing and Groping': What Trump Accusers Told Megyn Kelly This Morning

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"You know, it was heartbreaking last year," Samantha Holvey told Megyn Kelly this morning on NBC News' "Megyn Kelly Today." Holvey is one of more than a dozen women who, during the presidential campaign, accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct over the years. She and two other accusers—Jessica Leeds and Rachel Crooks—sat at a table with Kelly before a studio audience and spoke out once again.

"We're private citizens," Holvey continued, "and for us to put ourselves out there to try and show America who this man is and especially how he views women, and for them to say 'Meh, we don't care,' it was—it hurt. And so, you know, now it's just like, all right, let's try Round Two. The environment's different—let's try again."

Kelly asked each of the women to again tell their stories of encounters with Trump. NBC News has helpfully broken out each of them into brief videos posted to social media:

"Megyn Kelly Today" reach out to the White House for response, and the official comment that was supplied is pretty much exactly what you'd expect:

What happens next? The women are calling for Congress to conduct an ethics investigation of President Trump. Stay tuned.

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