Awards Season Is Here and Trump Wants in With His 'Dishonest & Corrupt Media Awards'

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Credit: Photo by Michael Reynolds/Pool via Bloomberg; Trophy: iStock; Composite by Chen Wu/Ad Age

It didn't take long for the (theoretical) leader of the free world, President Donald J. Trump, to get back to his busy schedule of media-bashing in the new year. In the past 24 hours he's already tweeted three times about the media—starting with, on Tuesday morning, these tweets directed at The New York Times:

And then Tuesday evening, perhaps feeling left out of the looming awards season—The 75th annual Golden Globes will air this coming Sunday—he announced his own show:

We have so many questions, including:

• Who will dominate? CNN? The New York Times? The Washington Post?

• A little more than a year ago, Trump called BuzzFeed "a failing pile of garbage." Could BuzzFeed pull an upset and upstage the established big media players?

• Are individual reporters eligible?

• Could Meryl Streep win something? She plays Katherine Graham, the legendary publisher of The Washington Post, in the likely awards-magnet drama "The Post." Trump has, of course, previously bashed both the Post and Streep (calling her "overrated"). If he saw "The Post" (or more likely, just skimmed some tweets about it), it seems entirely possible that Trump may not be fully aware that Meryl Streep is not actually the publisher of the newspaper he hates so much—and that could lead to a, uh, win-win for Streep and the Post.

• Will Trump personally announce the awards? Should reporters arrive at the event—presuming it's some kind of press conference—in gowns and tuxedos?

• If Trump personally serves as the master of ceremonies, should he close the event by, perhaps, handing a single red rose to a news organization that he actually loves? (Better have an acceptance speech prepared just in case, Fox News.)

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