Trump's Instagram tribute to McCain features a photo of ... Trump

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On Saturday night, President Trump issued a tweet in the wake of John McCain's death—"My deepest sympathies and respect go out to the family of Senator John McCain. Our hearts and prayers are with you!"—but it's the Instagram version of that sentiment that's getting all the attention. That's because Team Trump decided to repeat those words verbatim using a typographic template superimposed over a photo not of the late senator, but of one Donald J. Trump.

This did not escape notice on Reddit, where a post about the self-absorbed gesture made the homepage on Sunday; one of the most upvoted comments, from Redditor weslo819, reads,

This is exactly what Eric Cartman would do.

That, in turn, lead to a flood of comments about the "South Park" character vs. "The Apprentice" character—including this, from Redditor Alex09464367:

OMG, I never realised how much Donald Trump is like Eric Cartman.

Since then, Trump has tweeted more about ... Trump. Per a New York Daily News headline: "President Trump tweets about incorrect approval ratings, ignores Jacksonville mass shooting." Calling himself "your all time favorite (I hope) President," Trump claimed in a Sunday tweet that his approval rating is "52% overall," when in fact, as the Daily News points out, a new NBC/WSJ poll has Trump at 52% disapproval.

As for Trump's response to Sen. McCain's death, for more context see "John McCain's final message for the President," by CNN's Stephen Collinson, which includes this pointed passage:

CNN has reported that McCain chose Barack Obama and George W. Bush—the two men who kept him from the White House—to eulogize him and didn't want the President to attend his funeral. If those plans hold, McCain will be sending a clear final message to Trump, after making clear when he was alive that he saw the President's demeanor, populist style and global outlook as antithetical to America's founding values and global role. The antipathy between the Arizona senator and the President has not been stilled by his death on Saturday from brain cancer.

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