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CBS Makes Floor Challenge to Gloomy Findings at ANA Meeting

Chief Research Officer Poltrack Denies that Advertisers Are Pulling Money Out of TV

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NEW YORK ( -- A bit of controversy erupted on the floor of Thursday's Association of National Advertisers meeting when a TV executive stood up to challenge gloomy findings being presented from the podium.

Forrester analyst David Cooperstein
Forrester analyst David Cooperstein
"The frustration is just great," CBS Corp. Chief Research Officer David Poltrack told Forrester analyst David Cooperstein, who had just presented research by Forrester and the advertisers' association claiming that most marketers consider TV advertising less effective than before. "Essentially all morning long we heard about all the great things we're doing with advertisers to create new and exciting ways to use television, and then we get this report that is totally contradictory and inconsistent with what we know."

"This research says that advertisers are actually pulling money out of television," Mr. Poltrack added. "It is not true. In 2006 when you published this result, Forrester said, predicted, that 5% to 10% of advertising dollars would be taken out of television in 2007. Television advertising actually went up 4% in 2007. And since 2007, despite the fact of the recession, television has increased its share of advertising dollars two full percentage points. So advertisers are spending more of their money on television, not less."

Mr. Poltrack referred to another Forrester finding with an expletive -- and followed up with yet more criticism.

Amid laughter from the audience, Mr. Cooperstein fielded his reply.

Listen to the exchange here:

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