It's Back: 25 MORE Media People You Should Follow on Twitter

Just in Case Your Company Cut Summer #FollowFridays

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NEW YORK ( -- In the spirit of summer movie sequels -- with shades of "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer" -- here are 25 more media people you should follow on Twitter, a sequel to our earlier "25 Media People You Should Follow on Twitter."

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We won't vouch for every tweet. We can't say why MDC Partners CEO Miles Nadal uses capital letters this way: "Friday Nights in the Country are a great way to welcome in The Weekend and Transition to Peace and Tranquility." Some people should post more, to our taste, while others could turn it down a little. And maybe you don't need to see a Hearst executive posting Biggie Smalls lyrics amid tweets on the media business.

But it's up to you. Follow the ones you like.

Jason Calacanis, founder of Weblogs, TechCrunch50 and Maholo
Follow: @JasonCalacanis
Tweet: "At Michael Eisner panel on television: 'jay leno at 10pm is the death rattle' for network tv. #aif09"

Ian Schafer, CEO of interactive agency Deep Focus
Follow: @ischafer
Tweet: "Proof that it's never been easier/cheaper to create good content. The LARP (live action role-playing) Rap."

Peter Hirshberg, chairman of the Conversation Group, an agency he co-founded; former CEO and Apple marketing exec
Follow: @hirshberg
Tweet: "#aif09 TV panel waxes poetic about content, skirts issue of how it gets paid for. ABCs Westin: if content is good, we'll figure out $$$ (!?)"

Rachel Sterne, CEO of hyperlocal citizen-news platform GroundReport
Follow: @RachelSterne
Tweet: "Twitter's secret sauce: it's a platform, not a destination. 80% of participation is through third parties. @GuardianTech"

Howard Rheingold, "online instigator" and author of "Smart Mobs"
Follow: @hrheingold
Tweet: "Revised draft of Crap Detection 101 now up, will add resources as they are suggested:"

Chuck Peters, CEO of the Gazette Co. in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, working on the "concepts for a new ecosystem of local information"
Follow: @cpetersia
Tweet: "Focus on the network, not websites, when designing content"

Mary Madden, senior research specialist, Pew Internet and American Life Project
Follow: @mary_madden
Tweet: "Snip from Judith Donath's fascinating talk today: "Our society is a tug of war between honesty and faking different signals"

Vanessa Pappas, director of programming at Next New Networks, whose online TV networks include Barely Political and Channel Frederator
Follow: @v_ness
Tweet: "joost no longer trying to compete with hulu or Youtube, changes business model"

Fred Wilson, managing partner at Union Square Ventures, which has investments in companies including Twitter, Boxee, Clickable and
Follow: @fredwilson
Tweet: "Looking forward to peter lugers tonight with @jsepoch. Were gonna talk about earned media and 70 year old authors who self publish"

Miles Nadal, chairman and CEO, MDC Partners
Follow: @milesnadal
Tweet: "The expected pickup in Advertising Spending in the second half of 2009 is being deferred to Q1 2010 at the earliest."

Alan Meckler, chairman-CEO of WebMediaBrands, which runs Mediabistro, and
Follow: @alanmeckler
Tweet: "HuffPo NYC is only going to burn more money for this PR grabbing blog. Now there are about 100 (1000?) blogs covering NYC in depth."

Dana Boyd, researcher at Microsoft Research New England and a Fellow at the Harvard Berkman Center for Internet and Society
Follow: @zephoria
Tweet: "Is generation a meaningful category for analysis today? (Not that generation was universally meaningful before...)"

Muhammad Saleem, writer and social media strategist
Follow: @msaleem
Tweet: "Amazon isn't blinking. Says buh-bye to Rhode Island and Hawaii (in addition to North Carolina):"

Wired Research, offering research notes from Wired magazine's fact-checking department
Follow: @WiredResearch
Tweet: "In Q1, VC investment in the US, spread across 549 deals, reached just $3 billion - the lowest quarterly level since '97."

The Knight Foundation, trying to help "transform both communities and journalism"
Follow: @knightfdn
Tweet: "5 tips from a news entrepreneur bootstrapping her biz, from the Knight Digital Media Center:"

BBH Labs, the "innovation unit" at BBH
Follow: @BBHLabs
Tweet: "Spike Lee #Cannes: Same way you don't have to go to filmschool to be filmmaker you don't have to work in agency to make ads (via @tim)"

Jack Lail, director of news innovation at the Knoxville News Sentinel
Follow: @jacklail
Tweet: "I'd certainly agree that newspaper coverage of the industry's troubles has been shoddy & shallow. Sadly, that may be par. (via @yelvington)"

Ryan Sholin, director of news innovation at Publish2, "online news evangelist everywhere"
Follow: @ryansholin
Tweet: "Whoa, FriendFeed adds themes. Yes. Love it. Helvetica!"

Ken Doctor, newspaper vet turned analyst at Outsell, blogger at Content Bridges
Follow: @kdoctor
Tweet: "Content Bridges: 1Cast hits mobile/video/social trifecta with iPhone news video app."

Peter Kafka, Media Memo blogger at All Things Digital
Follow: @pkafka
Tweet: "Illegal downloads, meet suspicious stock sales: The Pirate Bay saga gets even murkier"

Kurt Andersen, co-founder of Spy magazine, host of "Studio 360," columnist, novelist
Follow: @KBAndersen
Tweet: "BTW, in a novel 10 years ago, I created an all-celebrity-death news show ("obitutainment") called Finale"

Ana Marie Cox, national correspondent for Air America Radio and former Wonkette
Follow: @anamariecox
Tweet: "My life is complete: I have seen former WH correspondent Richard Wolffe discussing Michael Jackson's children's future on the TV."

David Kaplan, correspondent for
Follow: @davidaKaplan
Tweet: "With all the newspaper layoffs the past few years, I wonder hope many celeb obit writing jobs have been cut"

Brenna Hanly, emerging media specialist/assistant planner at Mullen
Follow: @brennahanly
Tweet: "You may not like change, but you'll like irrelevance even less -- quote from our new Emerging Media Room."

George Kliavkoff, executive VP and deputy group head, Hearst Entertainment and Syndication
Follow: @Kliavkoff
Tweet: "'I made the change from a common thief -- To up close and personal with Robin Leach' #favbiggielyrics"

And because several people asked last time around, here's a list of Ad Age twitters:

Jonah Bloom @jonahbloom
Matthew Creamer @matt_creamer
Sheila Dougherty @sheiladougherty
Simon Dumenco @simondumenco
Lisa Fain @homesicktexan
Bob Garfield @bobosphere
Aris Georgiadis @arisgeorgiadis
Jean Halliday @jhal2001
Andrew Hampp @ahampp
Nat Ives @natives
Brad Johnson @bradage
Michael Learmonth @learmonth
Ann Marie Kerwin @akerwin
Matthew Kinsey @matt_kinsey
Abbey Klaassen @amklaassen
Normandy Madden @normandymadden
Marissa Miley @marissamiley
Maureen Morrison @maureenmorrison
Jeremy Mullman @jeremymullman
Jack Neff @jackneff
Nick Parish @paryshnikov
Rupal Parekh @rupalparekh
Jennifer Rooney @jenny_rooney
Brian Steinberg @bristei
Ken Wheaton @kenwheaton
Emily York @emilyyork
Natalie Zmuda @nzmuda
Ad Age DataCenter @adagedatacenter
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