Twitter Writer's Block? Trump Brands Bannon 'Sloppy Steve' But Has Nothing for Michael Wolff (Sad!)

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Michael Wolff.
Michael Wolff. Credit: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

Tweeter-in-Chief Donald Trump also, of course, fancies himself the Brander-in-Chief. He's devoted much time and energy to deploying his Twitter account to reinforce his existing labels for his enemies (e.g., "Crooked Hillary") while also launching new ones (e.g., "Little Rocket Man" for Kim Jong-un).

This week he realized he has two new foes: Michael Wolff, author of the just-published book "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House," and former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, who served as a major source for Wolff's book (background here). Oddly, it took Trump until Thursday night to take to Twitter to debut a derisive nickname for Bannon, "Sloppy Steve," even though Bannon is legendarily, well, sloppy. (Rep. Pete King called Bannon a "disheveled drunk" in December during an MSNBC appearance.) And though, in the same tweet, he slammed "Fire and Fury" as a "phony book" and said it's "full of lies, misrepresenations and sources that don't exist," Trump not only didn't nickname Wolff, he failed to even name the poor guy:

Did Trump forget Wolff's name? (One of the themes of "Fire and Fury" is that the president is forgetful in ways that suggests dementia.) Or did he purposely avoid name-checking Wolff to buy himself more time to come up with a nasty nickname for the bald, sourpuss author?

Stay tuned, America.

(Click here for full disclosure re: my relationship with Michael Wolff.)

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