Is the U.S. Ready for 12 Hours of Slow TV?

Fasten Your Seat Belts: Travel Channel To Air Road Trip On Black Friday

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Many Americans would balk at the idea of sitting in a car for 12 hours for a road trip. But come November, Travel Channel is trying to get them to sit on their couches to watch someone else's.

The Scripps Network-owned channel will air the 12-hour road trip, "Slow Road Live," on Nov. 27. The idea is to let viewers sit back and take in the scenery. This also happens to coincide with Black Friday, which is considered the most frantic shopping day of the year.

"While everyone else is out hustling and bustling to get the latest deals on Black Friday, we're giving our viewers a chance to unwind with 12 hours of reality in real time" said Ross Babbit, senior VP – programming and development, Travel Channel. "This live programming event will get everyone together to simply enjoy the stunning, beautiful scenery and realize the only big character in this show is the world around us."

The route of the road trip will be revealed at a later date.

The Slow TV format originated in Norway, where five million people, which equates to over 70% of the population, watched a cruise ship sail around the Norwegian coast live for five days.

It remains to be seen how the format will translate in the U.S., where there's been a sense of urgency to binge-watch popular series.

There is some precedent at least for the format. WPIX in New York has for decades aired its marathon of burning yule log on Christmas. And Arby's dappled with the idea last spring when it aired a 13-hour commercial in Duluth, Minnesota of a brisket being smoked.

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