Um, KFC? You're Creeping Us Out as You Reassure Us About Your Chicken Shortage

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Credit: Illustration by Ad Age.

As you may have heard, KFC just had to temporarily close hundreds of its restaurants in the U.K. because they didn't have any chicken to sell. KFC is blaming its product shortage on its new supply-chain partner DHL, and Bloomberg reports that the problem will "persist for the rest of the week, continuing to deprive fans of their fried-chicken fix."

Naturally, KFC has taken to social media to try to reassure its customers. Over the weekend, @KFC_UKI, the official Twitter account for KFC UK & Ireland, tried to reassure everyone that "The Colonel is working on it" and made light of the situation by noting that "The chicken crossed the road, just not to our restaurants ..."

Two small problems with that: First, KFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders has been dead since 1980, and he's recently been (kinda) replaced by a series of costumed actors who in all likelihood have zero experience with food-service logistics. Second, talking about a live chicken crossing the road to get away from a KFC conjures an unwelcome mental picture of terrified poultry trying to escape its certain dismemberment and death.

Yesterday, @KFC_UKI doubled down on its (still-living, still-ambulatory) chicken-crossing-the-road joke:

And then just a little while ago, as if to emphasize the exact nature of the fried corpses it presents to customers in bucket-shaped coffins, @KFC_UKI tweeted this:

OK, that chicken right there definitely looks like it knows it's on death row. We're supposed to look at it and think Hey, little fella, please cross the road to get to the nearest KFC and hurry up and die so I can eat you, maybe?

If KFC is going to go this route, maybe we'll cross the road and eat at a Cluckin' Chicken* instead.

*A fictional but brutally honest fried chicken chain, as seen in this classic 1992 "Saturday Night Live" commercial spoof.

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