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NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- It's beginning to look a lot like ... well, you know. We're kicking off the annual Ad Age Swag Watch, in which we share with all of you what you all have been kind enough to share with us. Around these parts, Ad Age-ers have been harassing the mailroom folks and pouncing on any packages that look like they might contain chocolate or booze. And while a few of us have found delights under the wrapping paper, so far it appears gift-givers are being kind to our waistlines. Here's a look at what's come in so far.

Photography by Hoag Levins

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ABC Family was first in with a gift that not only sets the tone for the season, but helps promote its "25 Days of Christmas" programming. The mini-tree included all its own ornaments, as well as a string of lights for us to hang anywhere we like.

Reprise Media must have sent a spy to our office, our notoriously cold office. Now we can stash this "cuddle blanket" under our desks, drink our hot chocolate that's being kept warm in our Reprise Media cup, atop our USB-powered mug warmer.

There are certain gifts that we've come to expect each year, kind of like how your Aunt Lucy always gives you a hat and scarf. So when there's a shift in direction, it can throw you off your game. (What! Gloves! Wow!) So it is with GSD&M's annual box of tricolored holiday chocolate, this year imprinted with Idea City instead.

Leave it to Teen Vogue to make us feel guilty for our chocolate-smeared fingers. They bought us this burlap 'FEED the Children of the World' bag, the proceeds of which feed one hungry child in school for one year through the U.N. World Food Program.

Ah well, maybe we'll drink our guilt away. MRM Worldwide understands the needs of the hard-working journalist, sending along a bottle of LaMarca Prosecco.

The World Wrestling Entertainment sent along a leather-clad dayplanner, along with a card depicting one of the season's more raucous holiday parties. After we drink enough, maybe we'll go check it out.
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