Victoria's Secret Ads Warm Up People Magazine's Snapchat Stories

People's First Ads on Snapchat

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Victoria's Secret and People magazine have hooked up on Snapchat.

An ad promoting the "Victoria's Secret Swim Special," a new TV special tonight on CBS, appeared after People magazine articles published to the Snapchat Discover platform on Thursday afternoon.

It marks the first time People has run ads on Snapchat Discover, according to a spokeswoman for the magazine.

People is among 10 media brands on Snapchat's month-old Discover platform, where these companies publish roughly five to 10 stories daily to the messaging app. Ads can be shown as readers swipe between stories, and publishers are responsible for selling the inventory. They split a part of the revenue with Snapchat.

In this case, three promos for the Victoria's Secret TV special appear between People articles on Snapchat. Each one is only a handful of seconds long and plays in a continuous loop until the reader swipes away. The first ad shows several Victoria Secret models playing volleyball on a beach. The second has two models walk -- and dance -- down a quaint brick street. And the third finds the models back on the beach, except this time it's evening and lit by a bonfire. (They're still dancing.) After each, a title card appears with details about the "Swim Special."

But several of the participating media companies have already run ads on Discover, including CNN, Food Network, Vice and Daily Mail. So why did it take a month for People to book ads on Discover?

"Advertisers wanted to see first how our editorial content was produced on the platform," the People spokeswoman said. She declined to comment on the price of the Victoria's Secret promotion.

People is the largest source of revenue at its parent company, Time Inc., which is the nation's largest magazine company. The celebrity title is under pressure to grow its advertising revenue base, as brands pull money out of print -- where the magazine still makes most of its money -- and into digital media. People's foray on Snapchat Discover is part of this effort.

Here are a couple more screenshots from the campaign:

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