Walgreens Flu-Shot Commercial Out-Charms Kia's Dancing Hamsters

Good News for Walgreens in Flu-Shot Marketing Wars

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Twins battle for 'first' in Walgreens' flu shot commercial.
Twins battle for 'first' in Walgreens' flu shot commercial.

Everyone from drugstores to supermarkets to Walmart Stores is trying desperately to attract customers for their flu shots, high-margin products that also deliver foot traffic to stores. So Walgreens should be very happy: TV viewers ranked a 30-second commercial promoting its flu shots their favorite of all new spots last month, according to research by Nielsen.

September's most-liked spot shows twin sisters bragging about their respective firsts: One was first born, first married and so on, but her sister was first to get a flu shot. "So now I'm No. 1," the second sister announces.

"It only took you 77 years," the older sister replies.

Close on the sisters' heels, however, came Kia's hamsters, halting a human-robot war with their dance moves, and new spots for Lowe's , Microsoft's Bing and Target , according to Nielsen.

Nielsen Top 10 Most Liked New Ads, Sept. 1-30, 2011
Brand Ad Description Likeability Index
1 Walgreen's Pharmacy -- One twin claims she did most things in life first; other says she got flu shot first (:30) 161
2 Kia Soul -- Hamsters emerge from car and start dancing; war between robots and humans stops (:30) 158
3 Lowe's Woman's life progresses and her home continually improves (:30) 153
4 Microsoft Bing -- Krochet Kids explain how their non-profit benefits poor families (:30) 140
5 Burlington Men's Suit Event -- Man in locker room explains to friend how much he saved; weight lifts his wallet (:15) 136
6 Wonderful Pistachios Angry bird catapults into a green pig, which opens a nut (:15) 133
7 Ally Man at ATM cannot decide whether to pay service fee, as others encourage him to "accept it" (:60) 131
8 General Electric Healthymagination -- Girl explains that her mom is weird; products to screen for diseases (:30) 130
9 Target Tidy Cats Litter -- Man says good morning to all his cats (:15) 129
10 Enterprise Employees talk about the benefits of a family-owned business (:30) 128

Nielsen Top 10 Most Remembered New Ads, Sept. 1-30, 2011
Brand Ad Description Recall Index
1 Microsoft Gears of War 3 -- Clips from the game set to "Turning to Dust" music (:15) 238
2 Ford Man explains why buying his American brand car seemed right to him (:30) 229
3 NFL NFL Shop -- Woman in black Raiders jersey throws her old jersey at her boyfriend (:10) 223
4 Olive Garden Never-Ending Pasta Bowl -- Promotion is almost over; only $8.95 (:15) 222
5 Microsoft Gears of War 3 -- Clips from the game set to "It Was You" music (:15) 220
6 Subway Oven Crisp Chicken -- Description of grease in fast food; skip the grease (:15) 215
7 State Farm Children walk Brooklyn bridge and sing to firefighters; 9/11 memorial (:90) 210
8 Subway Oven Crisp Chicken -- Athletes explain that a low fat sandwich is a "game changer" (:30) 209
9 Wonderful Pistachios Winklevoss twins want to ensure nobody steals their method for opening nuts (:15) 206
10 Ford Woman explains that she thinks her car is cool and friends say it matches her personality (:30) 199

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