Watch Colbert issue 'a rare correkshun' and sorta-apology

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On Wednesday night's "Late Show," Stephen Colbert sat at his desk and delivered "a rare correkshun" (as the segment was labeled on-screen). It seems that on Tuesday night's show, Colbert called conservative columnist Jonah Goldberg a Trump ally. Goldberg took umbrage, objecting in a post at the National Review, where he's a senior editor. Colbert took notice and last night noted that,

He's not actually a Trump ally. He is, in fact, a very staunch Never Trumper. He's been very public about it, and we here at the 'Late Show' regret ... many things. And I wanted to extend a portion of that regret to Jonah Goldberg—and Jonah Goldberg's family. Because, to many Americans, the label 'Trump ally' is a hurtful slur. I'm surprised CBS even allows me to say it on air. It's the sort of divisive hate speech that we are trying to get rid of in our national discourse, like 'cuck' or 'Papa John.' So, Mr. Goldberg, please accept this bouquet of regrets...

Added bonus: Keep watching the above segment and you'll see a guy use the phrase "an almond doesn't lactate" as a part of his wedding vows, at Colbert's suggestion, just to win a t-shirt.

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