Watch: Gayle King and Nora O'Donnell Respond to the Charlie Rose Allegations on 'CBS This Morning'

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All eyes were on this morning's "CBS This Morning" in the wake of a Monday Washington Post story about sexual misconduct allegations against Charlie Rose.

"We're going to begin with news affecting all of us at this broadcast and this network," Norah O'Donnell said. "CBS News has suspended our co-host Charlie Rose over allegations of sexual misconduct." The show's third co-host Gayle King continued, "The Washington Post, as you have heard, published claims from eight women who all worked, or wanted to work, for his PBS program. And they described Rose making unwanted sexual advances." King then handed off to CBS News correspondent Bianna Golodryga, who detailed the allegations and their aftermath.

In addition to posting its lead segment online (watch the video embedded above), "CBS This Morning" has also been using its Twitter feed to spotlight some of King's and O'Donnell's personal comments about the scandal:

UPDATE: "Charlie Rose fired by CBS following allegations of unwanted sexual advances," per The Washington Post

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