Watch Jimmy Kimmel try to make sense of R. Kelly's 'insane' interview with Gayle King

'Is there anyone cooler than Gayle King?,' Kimmel asks.

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If you somehow haven't seen Gayle King's Wednesday "CBS This Morning" interview with R&B star R. Kelly in the wake of his arrest surrounding sex-abuse allegations, Jimmy Kimmel is here to help you out.

In this segment from last night's "Jimmy Kimmel Live," the host serves up the most explosive, melt-downy clips from the sit-down—including the moment when Kelly jumps up from his seat in a menacing fashion while King remains utterly calm. "Is there anyone cooler than Gayle King?," Kimmel asks. "She's just like, 'Robert?' Whatever Zen meditation class she's taking, sign me up."

Of course, Kelly's PR team has a bigger problem than just an out-of-control client trying to defend himself on national TV and totally acting like an innocent person. Kelly is also haunted by his own body of work—including some rather questionable songs and music videos, excerpts of which Kimmel helpfully serves up to add some, uh, context to the proceedings.

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