Watch as Jimmy Kimmel one-ups Trump after Trump lied about Kimmel

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Jimmy Kimmel returned to late-night TV last night after taking a couple weeks off, and his first order of business was addressing what the president of the United States said about him while he was away. The relevant portion of Kimmel's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" monologue has been posted to his YouTube channel with the title "Donald Trump Lied About Jimmy Kimmel" and, per the clip's description,

Jimmy was deep in the Montana wilderness on vacation when Donald Trump took aim at him during a rally by telling a very bizarre lie about his experience at the show. Now that we are back, Jimmy sets the record straight and tells the real story of what happened the day Trump came on.

The bizarre lie Trump told is a self-aggrandizing whopper about how servile Kimmel supposedly was when Trump appeared on his show years ago, with Trump claiming that Kimmel stood around on the sidewalk of his studio's building waiting for him and then opening Trump's car door for him. (Kimmel's studio is right on Hollywood Boulevard, and for obvious security reasons that's definitely not how guests arrive for or are greeted for a Kimmel taping.)

So how did Trump's visit really go down? Per Kimmel:

Donald Trump showed up one night, outside our show, banging on the backstage door. It was 2007. He had a half-finished bucket of chicken under his arm. And he was screaming that he needed to use the bathroom. But unfortunately there was someone in the bathroom. I believe it was Zach Braff who was in the bathroom. So Donald took a look around, he stuck the remainder of the chicken in his jacket, he dropped his pants, he did his business in the bucket. That's true.

And then, Kimmel added, "That story is exactly as true as his was."

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