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Every weekday, we bring you the Ad Age/iSpot Hot Spots, new and trending TV commercials tracked by, the real-time TV ad measurement company with attention and conversion analytics from 10 million smart TVs. The New Releases here ran on TV for the first time yesterday. The Most Engaging ads are ranked by digital activity (including online views and social shares) over the past week.

Among the new releases, Panera plugs the fact that it now offers delivery for lunch and dinner. Samsung positions its Galaxy S8 as the ultimate travel companion, while Super 8 also depicts a smart phone (an unspecified brand) as a travel companion -- but (spoiler) the phone meets a very sad fate during a group-selfie-taking session. And Microsoft rather touchingly shows how its technology helps kids with dyslexia learn how to read.

Today's TV Ad Highlights
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New Releases
Top new ads recently aired on national TV
The Travel Guide Samsung Mobile: The Travel Guide
Network: TNT
Show: NBA Basketball
Primetime Airing: May. 3, 9:07 pm ET
Education and Technology: Helping Students Read in a New Way Microsoft Corporation: Education and Technology: Helping Students Read in a New Way
Network: ABC
Show: Good Morning America
Airing Date: May. 3, 7:52 am ET
Phone Super 8: Phone
Network: TLC
Show: What Not to Wear
Primetime Airing: May. 3, 10:24 pm ET
Good Ideas Catch on Fast Panera Bread: Good Ideas Catch on Fast
Network: CBS
Show: Dr. Phil
Primetime Airing: May. 3, 8:00 pm ET
Injustice 2: Tag Out GameStop: Injustice 2: Tag Out
Network: ESPN
Show: SportsCenter
Primetime Airing: May. 3, 8:12 pm ET
Most Engaging
Top ads by SpotShare for the past 7 days
Beauty Mazda: Beauty
Online Views: 3,577,502
Social Actions: 15,599
SpotShare: 10.66%
Choose Yours Red Lobster: Choose Yours
Online Views: 658,810
Social Actions: 12,340
SpotShare: 2.83%
The City Apple iPhone: The City
Online Views: 403,202
Social Actions: 18,223
SpotShare: 2.72%
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Souped-Up Nintendo: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Souped-Up
Online Views: 815,494
Social Actions: 1,744
SpotShare: 2.26%
The Travel Guide Samsung Mobile: The Travel Guide
Online Views: 543,080
Social Actions: 8,713
SpotShare: 2.20%

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