Watch This Stirring Musical Ode to SkyMall, Now Seeking Chapter 11

In-Flight Catalog Filed for Bankruptcy Protection Thursday

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SkyMall, the in-flight catalog company whose colorful offerings include automated ball-launchers for dogs, filed for bankruptcy protection on Thursday, citing a crowded retail market and the ubiquity of mobile devices and WiFi on flights.

Revenue at SkyMall was $33.7 million in 2013, according to The Wall Street Journal. Through Sept. 28, 2014, however, the catalog had brought in just $15.8 million.

The company is looking for a buyer, but not does not currently have one lined up.

SkyMall's bankruptcy filing comes in the same week that J.C. Penney said it was bringing back its print catalog. High-end department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue have also invested in print, rolling out catalogs more akin to magazines (as e-commerce companies like Net-A-Porter and Frank & Oak have started printing actual magazines).

News of SkyMall's bankruptcy sparked an outpouring of tweets Friday morning, with some already mourning the catalog's potential demise and others expressing surprise it still existed.

One can only imagine how the creator of this video, an ode to "SkyMall kitties," feels about the news. Feast your eyes and ears -- and then good luck getting the tune out of your head.

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