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Plus, the Five Most Engaging Spots Right Now

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Every weekday, we bring you the Ad Age/iSpot Hot Spots, new and trending TV commercials tracked by, a company that catalogs, tags and measures activity around TV ads in real time. The New Releases here ran on TV for the first time over the weekend. The Most Engaging ads are showing sustained social heat, ranked by SpotShare scores reflecting the percent of digital activity associated with each one over the past week. See the methodology here.

Among the new releases, Volkswagen show off the new Jetta TDI Clean Diesel (asking, once again, "Isn't it time for German engineering?"), while Chevrolet continues to brag about being "the first and only car company to bring built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi to cars, trucks and crossovers." And Taco Bell plops one of its unsuspecting customers down into an apocalyptic battle zone; the poor guy is expected to save the day, but all he really wants to do is finish his Quesarito Big Box.

Today's TV Ad Highlights
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New Releases
Top new ads recently aired on national TV
Taco Bell: The Randomly Chosen One: PlayStation 4 Taco Bell: The Randomly Chosen One: PlayStation 4
Network: ABC
Show: NASCAR Racing
Primetime Airing: Oct. 11, 9:07 pm ET
Sonos: Play: 1 Pop Art Sonos: Play: 1 Pop Art
Network: AMC
Show: The Walking Dead
Primetime Airing: Oct. 12, 9:31 pm ET
AT&T: Pulled Over AT&T: Pulled Over
Network: ABC
Show: Shark Tank
Primetime Airing: Oct. 10, 9:32 pm ET
Chevrolet: First Date Chevrolet: First Date
Network: MSNBC
Show: The 2014 NCLR ALMA Awards
Primetime Airing: Oct. 10, 10:20 pm ET
Volkswagen: No Compromise Volkswagen: No Compromise
Network: FOX
Show: Gotham
Primetime Airing: Oct. 10, 9:51 pm ET
Most Engaging
Top ads by SpotShare for the past 7 days
2K Games: We Got Next 2K Games: We Got Next
Online Views: 591,917
Social Actions: 15,301
SpotShare: 1.64%
Whirlpool: Every Act of Care Counts Whirlpool: Every Act of Care Counts
Online Views: 19,504
Social Actions: 17,728
SpotShare: 1.46%
Cartier: Shape Your Time Cartier: Shape Your Time
Online Views: 1,616,502
Social Actions: 3,350
SpotShare: 1.35%
Supercell: Hype Man Supercell: Hype Man
Online Views: 1,180,891
Social Actions: 6,259
SpotShare: 1.30%
Budweiser: Global Be(er) Responsible Day: Friends Are Waiting Budweiser: Global Be(er) Responsible Day: Friends Are Waiting
Online Views: 317,319
Social Actions: 8,146
SpotShare: 0.88%

As always, you can find out more about the making of the best commercials on TV at Ad Age's Creativity.

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