Here's How This Hairy Us Weekly Cover Landed in Chobani's Super Bowl Ad

Other Magazines Were Considered for the Spot

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Chobani is bringing Us Weekly to Sunday's big game with a cameo in the Greek yogurt brand's Super Bowl commercial, but some other magazines may try to share the spotlight.

In the commercial, a grizzly bear tries to find Chobani yogurt in a small-town convenience store. While waiting at the check-out counter, it eyeballs an Us Weekly, which features a bare-chested-man on the cover and the promise of "Hairest Celebs Ever." Turns out grizzlies consider impulse buys too (although this one leaves without the magazine).

Droga5, the agency behind the spot, approached Us Weekly about a part in the ad, according to Victoria Lasdon Rose, the brand's publisher. The agency then wrote the cover lines and Mike Steele, the magazine's editor, signed off on the cover execution. "We are thrilled to be part of such a high visibility campaign," Ms. Lasdon Rose said.

Even fleeting placement in the Super Bowl, which more than 100 million people are expected to watch, is a bit of coup for Us Weekly. Other magazines were considered for the ad, including Hearst's Cosmopolitan as well as health, beauty and outdoors magazines.

Some of the other titles that aren't in the commercial have thought about ways to leverage the Chobani ad for their own promotion, two media executives said. At least one has considered tweeting its own version of the cover around the time Chobani's ad airs, they said.

That would put magazines in line with consumer-packaged goods and fast food companies that will try "real-time marketing" around the Super Bowl. Last year Oreo won that game-within-the-game when its tweet about the Super Bowl blackout went viral (although now everybody in advertising is sick of hearing about it). This year, marketers are expected to staff so-called social media war rooms during the game, with creatives and lawyers ready to dash off a hopefully clever, company-approved tweet in a moment's notice.

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