And the Winner of the Golden Globes GIF of the Night Goes to ...

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Someday, hopefully, we'll never have to watch another Hollywood awards show in full—because every awards telecast will be canceled and instead the ceremonies themselves will be doled out in GIF form, telling us everything we need to know (so to speak). A harbinger of that wonderful future: the GIF above of James Franco shoving Tommy Wiseau away from the mic at Sunday night's 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly staff writer Samantha Highfill, who pefectly describes it as "James, refusing to be Kanye'd by Tommy."

The GIF-worthy moment came early in the evening, when Franco, the just-announced winner of Best Actor, Musical or Comedy, called Tommy Wiseau—the real-life character Franco plays in "The Disaster Artist"—to the stage. (Wiseau is the director and star of "The Room," a 2004 cult low-budget thriller that is legendarily terrible. "The Disaster Artist" is about the making of that anti-masterpiece.) Wiseau apparently assumed he'd get to say a few a few words, but Franco had a different plan. And honestly, it was hard to actually listen to Franco's speech because of the distracting subtext: Would Wiseau try to commandeer the mic again? Would a wrestling match ensue? Would Franco graciously cede the mic at the end? (Spoilers: no, no and no.) If you must, you can watch the drama unfold in non-GIF form below.

Oh, and FYI: "Tommy Wiseau reveals what he would have said on stage at the Golden Globes," per The Los Angeles Times.

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