Year in Review: The (Sad!) Media Feuds of 2017

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Ad Age has published a year-end roundup of media feuds every year for close to a decade, but this is the first time a single feuder has dominated the entire list. You'll never guess who.

1. Trump vs. Meryl Streep

On Jan. 9, one day after her anti-Trump Golden Globes speech, President-elect Donald Trump tweeted, "Meryl Streep, one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood, doesn't know me but attacked last night at the Golden Globes. She is a Hillary flunky who lost big..."

2. Trump vs. BuzzFeed

On Jan. 11, in his first press conference of the new year, Trump lashed out at news organizations that covered the existence of a secret intelligence dossier about the Trump presidential campaign's alleged collusion with Russia and what sort of dirt the Kremlin might have on The Donald. "As far as BuzzFeed, which is a failing pile of garbage, writing it, I think they're going to suffer the consequences," Trump declared.

3. Trump vs. CNN

At that same press conference, Trump also dissed CNN reporter Jim Acosta, saying "Not you" when he tried to ask a question. "Your organization is terrible!" When Acosta persisted, Trump laid into him: "Don't be rude. Don't be rude. No, I'm not going to give you a question. I am not going to give you a question. You are fake news." CNN-bashing, of course, became a major theme for Trump throughout the year.

4. Trump vs. NBC News and "SNL"

On Jan. 15, five days before his inauguration, Trump tweeted, "@NBCNews is bad but Saturday Night Live is the worst of NBC. Not funny, cast is terrible, always a complete hit job. Really bad television!"

4. Trump vs. The New York Times

On Jan. 29, just nine days after ascending to the highest public office in the land, President Trump tweeted, "Somebody with aptitude and conviction should buy the FAKE NEWS and failing @nytimes and either run it correctly or let it fold with dignity!" That pretty much set his tone regarding the Times for all of 2017.

5. Trump vs. Mark Cuban

"I know Mark Cuban well," Trump tweeted on Feb. 12. "He backed me big-time but I wasn't interested in taking all of his calls. He's not smart enough to run for president!"

6. Trump vs. Kathy Griffin

After comedian Kathy Griffin posted a photo of herself holding a bloody severed Trump (dummy) head, Trump tweeted, on May 31, "Kathy Griffin should be ashamed of herself. My children, especially my 11 year old son, Barron, are having a hard time with this. Sick!"

7. Trump vs. MSNBC "Morning Joe" Co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski

On June 29, Trump tweeted (in two early-morning back-to-back tweets), "I heard poorly rated @Morning_Joe speaks badly of me (don't watch anymore). Then how come low I.Q. Crazy Mika, along with Psycho Joe, came... to Mar-a-Lago 3 nights in a row around New Year's Eve, and insisted on joining me. She was bleeding badly from a face-lift. I said no!"

8. Trump vs. CNN in GIF Form

CNN already has a mention in our list above, but Trump's July 2 attack against the news network feels like it definitely deserves its own entry in our ranking. Along with two hashtags—"#FraudNewsCNN" and "#FNN"—Trump tweeted a GIF of himself body-slamming and pummeling a pro wrestler (a clip from an old WWE appearance) over whose head the CNN logo was superimposed.

9. A Two-fer: Trump vs. NBC News (Again!) and CNN (Again!)

On Oct. 11, Trump tweeted, "Fake @NBCNews made up a story that I wanted a 'tenfold' increase in our U.S. nuclear arsenal. Pure fiction, made up to demean. NBC = CNN!"

10. Trump vs. Brian Ross

"Congratulations to @ABC News," Trump tweeted on Dec. 2, "for suspending Brian Ross for his horrendously inaccurate and dishonest report on the Russia, Russia, Russia Witch Hunt. More Networks and 'papers' should do the same with their Fake News!"

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