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Approval Matrix: The History of TV

New York Mag's Vulture Editors Rank the Best and Worst TV Moments for Ad Age. Do you Agree With Their List?

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Every week New York magazine brings readers the Approval Matrix, its "deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies."

This week the editors of, New York's site for pop-culture news and commentary, agreed to plot the history of TV on the Matrix's quadrants for Advertising Age's TV Issue. They began with Zenith's 1950 introduction of the remote control -- the "Lazy Bones" -- which they located toward the brilliant end of the spectrum, but lower brow than high.

Jay Leno makes his mark on the special Matrix twice, in the same quadrant as former NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker.

"Law & Order" and "CSI" land on the chart, as do shows from "Candid Camera" to "Twin Peaks" to "The Osbournes."

All-day cable news is put in its deliberately oversimplified place, but fares better in New York's taste hierarchy than the daytime TV "ringmaster era" of Geraldo Rivera, Jerry Springer, Sally Jessy Raphael and others.

But enough with the spoilers. Check out the chart.

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