New York Post Confirms Twitter Accounts Were Hacked

China Has Not Fired an Anti-Ship Missile at USS George Washington

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The New York Post said its Twitter account was hacked after messages were posted citing bogus breaking news about U.S. interest-rate policy and China firing missiles on a U.S. Navy ship.

The newspaper's Sunday business editor tweeted "Our Twitter feed has been hacked." The company then sent a statement that said, "Some New York Post Twitter accounts were briefly hacked and the matter is being investigated." Twitter didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

One tweet said "#BREAKING: Chinese anti-ship missile fired at USS George Washington." Another tweet said: "BREAKING: Federal Reserve head Yellen announces bail-in in emergency meeting, rumored negative rate to be set at 4pm EST today."

The tweets were being deleted within minutes of being posted.

The attack is the latest in a growing number of hacking incidents affecting government networks, websites and social-media outlets.

Earlier this week, the Twitter and YouTube accounts of the U.S. Central Command were compromised with messages supporting Islamic State, in a hacking attack the Pentagon dismissed as a prank. A 2013 attack of the Twitter account of the Associated Press featuring an erroneous posting about explosions at the White House triggered a stock-market decline.

'World War III has begun'
That incident prompted Twitter to bolster its security by offering a two-step authentication process, making it harder for outsiders to gain access to an account. In addition to a password, the security measure requires a code sent via text message to a user's mobile phone, or generated on a device or software.

United Press International's Twitter account was also hacked Friday with posts including "Pope: 'World War III has begun.'"

It was unclear if the New York Post and UPI use the two- step authentication process for their accounts.

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