New York Times Wants Aspiring Filmmakers to Make Native Ads

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A good review in The New York Times can make a filmmaker's career, but the Times ad department is offering another kind of hand up.

T Brand Studio, where the paper creates ads designed to resemble editorial, introduced a program on Thursday called "The Selects." It asks directors who aren't already represented by a production company or agency to submit their work for a chance to make native ads for real marketers:

As a director, this is an extraordinary opportunity to be recognized on a global platform as a leading voice in native advertising and advertising video.

That kind of recognition may not be a priority among many film-school hipsters, but they know top directors like David Fincher, Ang Lee and Spike Jonze have made TV commercials. They might decide native ads in video form aren't so different from commercials.

Here, just for fun, is an ad for Japanese telecom SoftBank that was directed by Wes Anderson and stars Brad Pitt.

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