The New York Times Brings All Its Content to Flipboard -- and Its Pay Wall, Too

Times Calls Move Part of 'NYT Everywhere' Strategy

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The New York Times has found a way to finally make all its content available on Flipboard, the popular reading app for tablets and smartphones: It's bringing its pay meter to Flipboard as well.

The forthcoming authenticated Times feed on Flipboard
The forthcoming authenticated Times feed on Flipboard

It hasn't previously made much sense for The Times, which requires a subscription from anyone who wants to read more than 10 articles per month, to put its complete content on Flipboard, a free app that aggregates users' chosen media brands and social feeds in a magazine format.

So Flipboard users have had to settle for pulling in The Times' various social-media feeds, which only offer a selection of Times content. Flipboard also hasn't been able to display Times articles and photos in the polished, "flip-able" format that is one of the app's central appeals. Instead, Flipboard has opened web browser windows when users tap links to Times stories.

Starting Thursday, however, Flipboard will be able to authenticate existing Times subscribers and give them access to everything The Times publishes.

It's the first time the paper has brought its pay meter to another company's platform. The Times said the effort is part of a strategy it called "NYT Everywhere," a riff on the TV industry's bid to let people watch TV on all kinds of devices -- "TV Everywhere" -- as long as they also pay for a cable or satellite subscription.

As with Times apps for tablets and smartphones, the Top News section of new Times feed for Flipboard will be open even to non-subscribers.

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