The New York Times Pulls Back Ahead of The Washington Post for Unique Visitors

Although the Post Still Gets More Page Views

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Credit: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

The Times is back on top. In January, The New York Times beat The Washington Post in U.S. unique viewers across desktop and mobile for the first time since September 2015, according to data provided by ComScore. The Times got 72.9 million uniques to the Post's 69.6 million.

Between December 2015 and January 2016, the Times gained 2.7 million unique visitors while the Post lost 6.4 million uniques.

The Post first turned heads by edging ahead of the Times in October, with 66.9 million uniques to the Times' 65.8 million uniques.

"It was (and is) seen as a big deal in the world of journalism since the Post has long been the Times' little brother in terms of journalistic reach and Web traffic," the Post's Chris Cillizza wrote of the milestone in early December.

The Post continued the trend in November 2015, edging out the Times by approximately 2.7 million unique visitors. The newspaper, which billed itself as "America's New Publication of Record" in a discounted digital subscription offering, widened its lead over the Times in December to almost 6 million uniques. Then came January.

The Post, however, exceeded the Times in total digital page views in January, 735.4 million to 649.2 million. "The Washington Post continues to see tremendous growth," the newspaper said in a PR blog post.

Both the Times and the Post have worked hard to increase their digital metabolisms, to widen the reach of their online content and to find new users through social media platforms.

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