The New Yorker's Trump Cover Turned Out to be More Prophetic Than We Thought

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The New Yorker's July 27 cover
The New Yorker's July 27 cover

Just a day before Donald Trump went on a tirade against John McCain, The New Yorker released its predictive cover art for the July 27 issue: a shirtless Mr. Trump belly-flopping into a swimming pool filled with other GOP presidential candidates.

The illustration is intended to showcase how Mr. Trump has entered into the GOP presidential race with the same amount of grace as "a bully doing cannonballs and belly flops at the local swimming pool," said artist Barry Blitt on The New Yorker's website.

Released Friday, the illustration predicts Mr. Trump will continue to cause tremors throughout the Republican party. Indeed, the outspoken candidate railed against Arizona senator Mr. McCain at a campaign event on Saturday, saying that "he's not a war hero," despite Mr. McCain's time as a POW in the Vietnam War.

The remarks have only caused more pain for the Republican party as they watch the real estate mogul continue to wreak havoc. Mr. Trump announced his bid for the White House in June.

Candidates from both parties have spoken out against Mr. Trump's comments, which included asserting that Mr. McCain "has done very little for the veterans." Mr. Trump stood by his remarks over the weekend. This morning, Mr. McCain said on MSNBC that Mr. Trump owes an apology to other veterans, not to him.

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