Can You Answer These Trivia Questions From the Annual MediaBuzz Championship?

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Rival media agencies squared off at the MediaBuzz trivia finale.
Rival media agencies squared off at the MediaBuzz trivia finale. Credit: Photos by Patrick Butler

ZenithOptimedia won bragging rights for the year with a victory Thursday night at the third annual Ad Age MediaBuzz championship, which pitted the best teams from 10 media agencies across New York and Chicago against each other in a test of trivia on advertising, media and pop culture. The event capped a series of contests at media agencies' own offices throughout the summer and fall.

How would you have done? Test yourself with this selection of questions from the finale, which was hosted by Jon Gabrus, star of TruTV's "HairJacked." Winners took home GoPro cameras provided by sponsors and TruTv. Answers at the bottom of the page.

1. The horror movie "Ouija" ran the very first paid ad on which app this fall?

2. All right, all right, all right. Matthew McConaughey starred in a series of ads that were parodied by Ellen DeGeneres, Jim Carrey and others. What brand were the ads for?

3. Progressive's "Flo" has starred in her 100th commercial. Ironically, "Flo" actress Stephanie Courtney had a bit part in what failed ABC sitcom based on another insurance company's ad campaign?

4. For an online ad to count as "viewable" under the industry standard, at least half of it must be visible in your browser for how many seconds?

5. According to Ad Age's annual survey of ad buyers, what's the most expensive scripted show in all of TV in which to buy 30 seconds of ad time?

6. Sony, Dish and even ESPN are laying the groundwork for "OTT" services delivering TV over the web. What does OTT stand for? (Also the title of a 1987 Sylvester Stallone movie.)

7. Actor Ben Feldman stars opposite Cristin Milioti on the new NBC comedy "A to Z," but also plays the copywriter Ginsberg on what dramatic series?

8. Super Glue parent Loctite is spending almost its entire ad budget for a normal year to advertise where?

9. On what new ABC sitcom does the father get promoted at his ad agency, to senior VP of the "urban" division?

10. What singer returned to Instagram with a selfie and the caption "Hellurrr #badgalback," six months after her NSFW pictures from a photo shoot triggered Instagram's automated censors?


1. Snapchat

2. Lincoln

3. "Cavemen"

4. One second

5. "The Walking Dead"

6. Over the top

7. "Mad Men"

8. The Super Bowl

9. "Black-ish"

10. Rihanna

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