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This year's Ad Age Data Conference, held in New York City in October, featured a series of talks exploring the many ways data can be used as a source of enlightenment, inspiration and problem-solving in new and unexpected ways. Attendees heard from artist Laurie Frick, data storyteller, Ben Wellington, the founder of I Quant NY, and the chief data officer of BETC Paris, Thomas Palugan, who shared an ambitious campaign for Ubisoft's new video game, Watchdogs, that illuminates the public and social data of cities. As an Ad Age Premier Plus Member, you have access to this inspiring series of talks exploring how data can be a powerful driver of compelling stories.

Ben Wellington, creator, I Quant NY

The man behind the blog, I Quant NY, describes himself as a "data storyteller," and describes how his day job as a financial data analyst, his marriage to a NYC urban planner, and his experience with improv comedy all came together to launch him on his data storyteller path. Wellington has used public data from New York City to identify the fire hydrant that is responsible for the most ticket revenue, the residence that is the furthest from a Starbucks outlet, and identified a way for the MTA to change the way it sells MetroCards to subway riders. Here he shares what he's learned about how to use data to tell stories, and what kind of data stories get attention and why.

Download his slideshow here and open in another window to follow along with the video below.

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