What the Hell is Going On Here?

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Everyone knows that vegetarian food tastes just like navel lint, so this isn't much of a stretch for him. God forbid he gets a stain on the "I don't eat my friends" shirt he just took off.

Debbie Minnis, [email protected]

Debbie, you're too kind. Here's a handy taste tip for enjoying a Gardenburger: use the frozen patty for a beer coaster and eat the box.

They're pushing a new rum concoction called the Innie Colada: 1 oz. Bacardi;1/2 oz. sweat; pinch of belly button lint; garnish with navel piercing and serve. What ever happened to drinking champagne from a shoe?

Maysel Markham, [email protected]

Thanks for the recipe, this'll go great with a Gardenburger box. As for the champagne thing, they still do that in Poland, but they use sandals.

It's wet belly night at the local meat market, where you can get a stool dance for a shot.

Cynthia Maniglia, [email protected]

A stool dance? We're not touching that with a 10-foot rubber glove, Cyn.

She finally realized what her mom always said was true: The way to a man's heart is through your stomach.

Craig Morgan, [email protected]

Craig, if this line hasn't been used in a gym ad, get out of the lawn-care business and start a freelance copy career immediately.

Hey Bacardi, have you tried a bat with a big penis for a nose?

Jenny Ballerina, [email protected]

Jen, you must dance a mean Nutcracker.

I never understood the connection between Bacardi and the bat logo. I do know that bats are known for sneaking up on cows and goats and drinking their breast milk.

Julia Laricheva, [email protected]

This is what bats live for, actually, but the poor Bacardi bat can't do that 'cause his nose is so big.

Originally reading, "Vegetarian by Day. Beefeater by Night," some lazy copywriter took his rejected gin headline and simply switched the brand name. Thus proving once again how easy it is to pull a fast one on those rummies at Bacardi. Everyone's still waiting for them to realize that they've misspelled "lemon" on all the bottles of Bacardi Limon.

Marisa Kasriel, [email protected]

Spelling means nothing in the booze biz, Marisa. Absolut vodka has gotten it wrong in nine million ads and no one gives a crap.

The ad should be called "Virgin by Day. Drunken Pedophile by Night." How else would you explain opening the wrong lock with the wrong key as the way to seduce a prepubescent wannabe cheerleader in a bar?

Herbert MacDonald, [email protected]

Uh, Herb? Things a little hectic down in Medellin? If this girl is prepubescent, Hallie Eisenberg is a fetus.

It was underwear night at the Veggie Bar. Frank sported a freshly ironed beater and Patty a little black pushup number. After a half-dozen tofu shots, Frank asked Patty if he could sing to their unborn child . . .

Chris Byrnes, [email protected]

But he drunkenly launched into "Gimme a Pig Foot," and she never so much as spoke to him again.

Remember the kid in the playground who stuck his tongue on the metal pole in the middle of winter? Well, boys and girls, looks like he grew up just fine. Yes, just fine, indeed.

Steve Mark, [email protected]

Steve, you're setting a bad example for our junior readers. That little stub you see is all he has left of his tongue. He's getting a sympathy lick, that's all.

He's obviously fond of the nutritious algae that grows in some people's navels. In some cultures, this delicacy must be accompanied by a fine liquor.

Tania Gomez, [email protected]

So where's the fine liquor? But more important, people, don't ever buy that nutritious algae routine when you run into a pervert who refuses to practice navel hygiene. Nine times outta 10 it's a totally skeevy fungus, all right? Like, been there, done that, and we can tell you one thing, we don't ever wanna have to gargle with Tinactin again.

I would personally like to protest Bacardi's blatant exploitation of the only tongue-to-navel conjoined twins in America. My brother and I also happen to be conjoined, chest to back in fact, and it would take a small fortune to get us in some crazy liquor ad. Any offers may be sent to 100 North Tryon St., Charlotte, N.C. 28202.

Larry (and Barry) Washington

[email protected]

Speaking of sympathy, we admit it, it's a sympathy win, fellas. To others it may seem that life for you guys is just one big piggy-back ride, but we know . . . wait a minute, conjoined twins have to be the same sex, don't they? If you lied about the . . . you conniving scoundrels. Next!

What are they doing? Who cares?? Look at her. Oh, man, she's hot. Look at her tummy. Stop. Must stop looking at her. Must concentrate on contest . . . getting dizzy . . . must keep typing . . . so hard to type . . . with one . . . hand . . . ohhhhhhhhhhhh . . . .

Jon Whaley, [email protected]

Jeez, a hopeless hunt-and-pecker. OK, this is the sympathy win. We bet you sent this entry from your cube, you freak! You better be practicing safe text, dude.

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