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Volkswagen Beetle "Squares" What a gem. Beautifully shot by Malcolm Venville, this is what Arnold can do when it is on full song for Volkswagen - as it has been of late. Simply a succession of images of squares, until of course we see the Volkswagen Beetle. It is the most self-confident car advertising on television. It knows both its voice and its audience.

Pontiac Grand Prix "Blind" What on earth...? Yes, there's the regulation hunk and babe in a car on the windy desert road in their shades. When the car stops and he takes off his shades, we see there's a reason the female driver is wearing hers: she is blind, and breaks out her white stick to walk. It must have seemed a good idea in some ad agency conference room.

Mitsubishi Endeavor "Street level" The campaign the ad industry loves to hate, but happily for Deutsch it appears, consumers feel very differently. The Mitsubishi campaign is a mini cultural phenomenon. The latest Endeavor campaign is perhaps a little lacking in the energy and joie de vivre of some of its predecessors.

Chrysler "Anthem" Celine Dion - what to say? Nearly every car clich‚, from the tinted windows to the winding road and the loving shots of the design details is out there in this commercial. But Celine singing "I drove all night," a serious budget and the black and white photography does enable it to break through the clutter. Whether that's a good thing for most viewers is another question.

Saturn L300 "Box " Goodby Silverstein is on a wonderfully rich vein of form for Saturn, and has been ever since last year's "Sheet Metal." However, there is a problem with this spot. Sure, it's beautifully put together by those Traktor boys, with charming music and humorous art direction. The trouble is that in contrast with all the cardboard boxes on the road, the reveal is: the entirely unremarkable L300! Spot the box!

Nissan Murano "Book" This is as half-hearted as the car. The Murano is sort of an SUV, and this is sort of an SUV commercial. Everything is so "me too." And then there's the choice of cult author Kurt Vonnegut. You know he is not here by accident. But why him? We are given little incentive to be bothered enough to find out.

Porsche "Taxi"; "Motor Home" This is how ridiculous the category has become: a Porsche SUV! There is an inherent dishonesty in the ads. Do we really believe that a Porsche is going to be driven off-road in this way? Or that such a head-turning effect would be achieved by one of the more pig-ugly cars of recent times?

Cadillac "17th St." Many undertake this instant century's heritage in 60-seconds of strategy - think Mercedes and Ford recently. However, deft direction by the doyen of car directors, Gerard de Thame, helps this train-journey through history stand out. It has an evocative feel that allows the Cadillacs of old to stand alongside their modern-day counterparts. We are even getting used to the Led Zeppelin soundtrack by now, too.

Honda Accord (U.K.) "Cog" Yes, it really is as good as they say it is. Worth the 600 takes and five months of preparation. It is a classic already. Cannes Grand Prix, anyone?

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