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Having been mean about his Celine Dion Chrysler effort last time out, this month I really want to thank Peter Arnell. For whatever else his "Terry Tate" campaign for Reebok achieves for the brand, it has at least got the general public talking about ads for the right reason again. Instead of "Isn't that the, um, Courtney Cox/Yao Ming/Catherine Zeta Jones/Willie Nelson/Yao Ming/Penelope Cruz or Yao Ming" commercial, or "Have you seen the rack on those catfighting babes/partying twins?" we have people - otherwise known as consumers - debating the merits of Reebok and Nike and naming the ad by its brand. Who knew? Yes, perhaps, Reebok may be guilty of defining itself by Nike in its pastiche of the streaker ad, but it is absolutely not in danger of being a "me too." That's the place adidas has found itself stuck in. Terry Tate is recognition that you cannot "be like Nike."

My, but it's good to write about a few good ads. Let's have a more than honorable mention, too, for all the Saturn work coming out of Goodby, Silverstein, Budweiser has redeemed itself a little with its Grammy "True" spots after some of those Super Bowl horrors, and Fox Sports new "Don't Be ..." series is an understated joy. Because, let's be honest, there are some horrible ads around. Creativity's Yuck of the Month goes to McDonald's for its really quite extraordinary "We're So On" commercial featuring what appear to be happy, smiling Prozac addicts of all colors and ages masquerading as McDonald's employees, telling us just how happy they are to serve us. It's not the direction, or the dialogue itself, necessarily, but it's the absolute disconnect between the experience and personnel in the commercial, and the experience of millions of people walking into a McDonald's store each and every day. And, "We're so on"!? What kind of tagline is that? If it wasn't for the other taglines on this page, you could say that McDonald's has invented a whole new genre of surreal ad tags. Perhaps it's a secret code signaling the outbreak of war, or that Michael Jackson's in for surgery again. Sadly, I think there's a new trend afoot that I have missed.

"We're so on" forms this month's top three curios along with Captain Morgan's, "Take your pants off and stay a while," and Silk soymilk's, "If you don't try it, fear wins." But you have to see how it is said to really appreciate the depth of its craziness.

Our Image of the Month has to be the guy hoovering up his Buffalo Wild Wings with, um, his hoover tube. Clearly written by a wistful former coke addict in recovery. There's a lot of them about.

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