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Peter Arnell, the high profile, highly paid, non-traditional adman, must be beaming after pulling off the $14 million Celine Dion/Chrysler deal that sees the world's second-greatest living Canadian (gotta be nice to the editor) warbling her stuff across the Chrysler range. Thanks to Arnell, the rest of us now have years of torture to endure. After the first round of viewing during the Golden Globes, a nation's zappers were flung at its television screens. Many of us have spent an adult lifetime trying to avoid Celine Dion's music and videos. If this is just an underhand way of trying to force her into my consciousness, then I'm off to the TiVo store. What the marriage of Hollywood and Madison Avenue really looks like is an endless conveyor belt of celebrity vehicles. Sadly, Chrysler took the idea literally...Want to see a great car ad? Go to and check out Mike Mills' new VW Beetle soft-top commercial, a sublime marriage between long-term consistent advertising strategy and extraordinary craft skills of the highest order (see p. 50). Perhaps we can almost even forgive Spike Jonze and Mills for the ELO revival they - separately - began last year.

. . . OK, look at the print ads on this page, and tell us what decade they are from. Samsung DigitAll temptation: "You look, you stare. What is it that catches your eye?" . . . Ardbeg, "Beg to differ." "Loads of body, plenty of legs and a lovely mouthfeel"... "The Islay malt that sweetly whacks you . . ." Turi Estonian vodka . . . "In America you say: One cannot make soup out of beauty, but vodka is another story . . . " Yep, they are all from magazines over the recent holidays. Let's all have a good laugh at them, but what is the real difference between these ads and the new Miller Lite mud-wrestling babes spot? Is that less sexist claptrap because two guys comment on it in a bar, or two women in that bar are seen disapproving? Is it ironic in a postmodern way, or is it just more dishonest? At least they really are babes...

...The Lacoste "Style on skin" ad proves that after decades of using naked women gratuitously in ads, the ad industry still doesn't know what to do with the male anatomy. Where is his appendage? Has it been airbrushed out? Is it in hiding just in case he spills that scalding hot coffee. Just where is the alligator?

... It is hard to imagine a more confusing set of messages than the one this Nissan ad sends out. It is a fine example of an ad that uses children gratuitously, created by people who cannot possibly be parents. Shocking? No, just plain unrealistic. Any tot worth a diaper wouldn't settle for anything less than a Lexus.

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