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What was the overall caliber of work and the boards you saw in the past year?

I feel like there's fantastic work out there. Not everything is great, obviously, but I guess I'm lucky. I get interesting work. I never keep track. I think nothing really changed compared to previous years, in the sense that there are always good boards. What is the percentage of good boards? I think it's always been pretty bad. There are always very few good boards, a lot of mediocre boards and tons of shitty boards. I don't know the percentage, but I feel lucky and grateful, obviously, that I get my share of good stuff.

Did you notice any trends in the work you saw?

I don't know. Do you see trends in the children you make? It's like, they come out, you say, "That's interesting," and then you move on.

Of all the work you shot, do you have any favorites?

It would be really painful for me to single one thing out. Of the work I've done, I really like Olympus and I love Hummer.

What is it about those jobs that stands out?

I feel like I did something I hadn't done before. To me, that's interesting. There's an emotional quality to them.

Is there anything directed by anyone else that struck you as really interesting?

I've got to say I like "Grrr." It's different, it's not a pure directorial effort in the traditional sense, but it's certainly very interesting to me. The funny part about it is that it's a jingle. That's really all it is, but it's really a very original one. I guess it merges that junction between what advertising, charm and what we consider a children's story. It's a piece of culture.

Were you surprised by any of the awards you won?

All of them. Honest to God, I never think about it. I'm grateful.

What do you think of the importance of awards shows?

I have a very simple thought about this. I think it's fantastic that we recognize good work for ourselves. Yes, it's hard work, but for crying out loud, it's an advertising awards show-how important can that be? To tell you one thing for sure, my mother's never heard of any of them.

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