California Milk Processing Board: Leche with Latin flavor

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Hispanic hotshop Grupo Gallegos, Long Beach, Calif., replaced the California Milk Processing Board's bland Hispanic theme "Familia, Amor y Leche" ("Family, Love and Milk") with quirky commercials illustrating the extraordinary power of milk to strengthen bones, muscles, hair and teeth. The three spots are Grupo Gallego's first work since winning the account in a pitch last year. In "Amazing Contortionist," members of a milk-drinking circus family use their feet like hands to flip through the newspaper, type and eat meals at the dinner table. One family member uses another as a human hula hoop. The women in "Amazing Hair Goddess" use their astonishingly long, strong hair to lasso horses, haul buckets of water, fight off lions and play jump rope. A voice-over explains that their secret isn't the shampoo they use; it's the protein in milk. The new tagline, "Toma Leche," is closer in spirit to "Got Milk?," the long-running English-language campaign. Coming up next in the "Toma Leche" series: "Teeth Town." QwikFIND aar36v
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