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Two new U.S. Hispanic spots play on the imagination. This "pre-Hispanic" spot for McDonald's Corp. by Del Rivero Messianu DDB, Miami, plays on the Spanish word "sue¤o," meaning both "sleep" and "dream." A young man dreams he is playing a game like the ancient juego de pelotas-a mix of soccer and basketball-at an Aztec temple. His alarm clock wakes him as he wins the game, but he can hit the snooze button to finish his dream and be rewarded by an Aztec princess because he knows McDonald's has breakfast covered. In another U.S. Hispanic spot, by C.O.D., Miami, Volkswagen of America's Touareg SUV plays cat-and-mouse with a mischievous ink spot. Instead of the usual dull footage of a car on a winding road, the ink turns into a variety of obstacles the Touareg skillfully overcomes such as landslides, muddy rivers and an urban jungle, showing off its advanced features as a Brazilian soundtrack plays. See QwikFIND aaq39n
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