CMO Strategy: Need to Read, June 18, 2007

Google's Doodle and the 'Missing Millions'

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"The Man Behind the Google Doodle," in the June 18 issue of BusinessWeek, reveals that Google's webmaster, Dennis Hwang, is the very one responsible for adding whimsical touches to Google's logo every time there is an event or holiday Google deems worth recognizing, such as Michelangelo's birthday or Bastille Day. More important, he's helping to keep the company's brand fresh -- just by scrawling on an electronic tablet.

Curious as to how your agencies can help capture the "missing millions" -- those "who have shown specific and tangible interest in the marketer's product or service but have not yet made the purchase"? Mike Carlton, founder, Carlton Associates, a consulting firm that focuses on agency business issues and other leadership challenges, details in "Agency Opportunities in Marketing to the Missing Millions" how agencies can market to the missing millions -- and benefit from it in the process.
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