Top Download: Family Tree of Ad Organizations

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During the last year, AdAge.com made 196 documents in .pdf form available in its news stories, data center and other resources such as its annual Cable Guide. These were the Top 10 most heavily downloaded .pdf documents. .

xxx 2004 Ad Age Fact Pack
Quick Reference Synopsis of the Year's Marketing and Advertising Data
xxx 2004 Family Tree Chart of Ad Organizations
Who Owns What in the Advertising Industry
xxx 2004 Hispanic Market Fact Pack
45-Page Annual Report Profiles a Burgeoning Ethnic Market
xxx The Ad Age Power Players 2004
Annual Report on Marketing's Most Influential Executives
xxx Ad Age Global Players Report 2004
International Marketing Personalities Who Have Made a Difference
xxx Agency Market Share Pie Chart
How Five Holding Companies Control 75% of the World Ad Market
xxx Family Tree Chart of Top Media Companies
Who Owns What in The Top Six
xxx The Annual Magazine 300 Report
Three Time Warner Titles Top List for Gross Revenue
xxx Ad Age Megabrands Report: First Half 2004
Verizon Retains Top Spot as Biggest Advertising Spender
xxx Entertainment Marketers of the Year
12 Standout Enterprises That Drove the Business
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